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Cooperative Education

Are you interested in earning a paycheck during school? Cooperative Education adds a paid career-based learning component to the student's training program in their senior year.

Participation in Cooperative Education allows employers and A.W. Beattie Career Center to work together to meet the training needs of eligible students. Seniors in Cooperative Education will attend A.W. Beattie one or two days a week and report to their job sites for the rest of the week. In all arrangements, the employment must be related to the student's vocational course of study.  Students must maintain a C grade average, have good attendance, and be able to provide their own transportation to and from the job site. Employers give grades based on the student's on-the-job performance. Students in this program are also required to keep a logbook, timesheets, and wage records.

Several students got an early start to their Cooperative Education experiences for their senior year. Click here to see where they participated in Co-Op.

There are several other options available for students who want to acquire some form of hands-on, work-force experience. These include:

Internships - A.W. Beattie offers second year students an opportunity to gain valuable work experience in their technical course of study through internships. Students will visit their selected job site two to three days a week for a specified period. Although Internships are an unpaid work experience, they provide many opportunities for future employment.

Click here for a story about two seniors interning with a physical therapist's office.

Clinical Experience - Students enrolled in Health and Nursing Sciences, Emergency Response Technology, Sports Medicine or Dental Careers have an opportunity for a clinical experience. These are career-related experiences and are provided by hospitals, long-term care facilities, and private dental practices. The duration of clinical experience is determined by state certification regulations and the facility providing the career-related training.

Job Shadowing - A.W. Beattie  encourages first-year students to complete at least six hours of a job shadowing experience in order to earn Honors for their Introductory Skills Certificate.  Job shadowing gives students a chance to work with an on-site mentor, ask questions, and learn more about the career in which they are interested.

Vocational Exchange in Germany

The Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) Vocational Scholarship provides an opportunity for American high school graduating seniors to spend the year after graduation in Germany.

This opportunity offers students a chance to pursue vocational interests in Architecture, Culinary Arts, Education, Engineering, Veterinary Sciences, Graphic Design, Information Technology, Health Care, International Business and Forestry. Click here for more details.