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Emergency Response Technology


A.W. Beattie Career Center would like to thank the following volunteers for their contributions to the education of our students as active participants of the Emergency Response Technology Occupational Advisory Committee:

  • Jeff Basl, Town of McCandless, Police Department
  • Edward Bloomer, Seville VFC
  • Brian Bradford, North Braddock PD
  • Ruth Bradford, Woodland Hills EMS
  • Bill Cummings, Ross West View EMS
  • Edward Frazier, Pitcairn EMS
  • Steve Imbarlina, Allegheny County Fire Academy
  • Glenn Kopec, Allegheny County Fire Academy
  • Tim Lowry, Pfund Superior Sales
  • David McIntyre, Allegheny County Police Academy
  • Jill Oblak, CCAC-PSI
  • Donald O'Connor, Town of McCandless Police Department
  • Richard Pearson, Advanced Life Support
  • John Rihn, MSA-Safety Appliances
  • Robert Skertich, Hampton VFD
  • Dan Stack, Town of McCandless Fire Marshall
  • Gregory Steinmetz, Shaler Police
  • Jennifer Swab, Ross-West View EMSA
  • Paul Wain, Memorial Park Church
  • Russ Young, Allegheny County Fire Academy
  • Todd Nicholson, Emergency Medical Services Institute
  • Rick Susalla, CCAC
  • Sandy Wight
  • Dalton Wight
  • Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board

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