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Dental Careers


A.W. Beattie Career Center would like to thank the following volunteers for their contributions to the education of our students as active participants of the Dental Careers Occupational Advisory Committee:

  • Pat Sippel, CDA, Pgh Dental Assistants Association
  • Joanne Clarke, Maverick Dental Lab
  • Tanya Wilson, RDH, Dr. Charles Barber
  • Jackie Clarke, Precision Dental
  • Sarah Coughenour, Keelan Dentistry
  • Gayle Hart
  • Jessica Parks, Dr. Weingarden
  • Kayla Tempert, Marion Smiles
  • Suzie Miller, Dr. Cupelli
  • Julie Ostronic, GKG Orthodontics
  • Judy Ostronic
  • Paulette Rollant, Army Reserves
  • Katherine Simon
  • Kyrisha Bauer, Dr. Czonstkowsky
  • Dr. Frank Tominac, D.M.D.
  • Emily Rhoades, GKG Orthodontics
  • Autumn Ackerman, LiveWell Dentistry
  • Drs. Grady, Katsner & Gornick, GKG Orthodontics
  • Vanessa Dodds, Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board
  • Tiffany Durish, Parent
  • Sarah Durish, Student

Click here for a full listing of every program's Occupational Advisory Committee. 


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