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Absence Forms

Click here to access the Student Absence Form.

In an effort to improve attendance and education in all programs, the following attendance procedures have been implemented:

1. Students are required to have an absence excuse signed by a parent/guardian upon returning to school. The school office will collect and record each excuse. If a student is 18 years old and lives at home, a parent must sign his/her excuse. Failure to bring in an excuse after 24 hours will result in the student being given an unexcused absence. In an effort to avoid student truancy issues, the school will notify parents on a daily basis of a student’s absence through an automated system called SKYALERT. The student excuse form may be located on the AWBCC website and may be submitted electronically.  Additionally, a parent may submit a written excuse to Please include the parent name and phone number for verification.

2. A written notice to a parent/guardian will be issued when there has been a violation with the compulsory attendance provisions of the Pennsylvania School Code.

3. Make-up work is strictly student-initiated. Students must make up assignments within one week except in cases of long illness. The administration must approve all exceptions. The instructor for any student requesting make-up work will arrange a written plan. Missing a day at A. W. Beattie is the same as missing 3 days of class at the school district. Because of the length of daily instruction, we cover a large amount of material daily.

(In cases where the absence is in the last week of the grading period, an incomplete grade may be given. If makeup work is not completed within 10 days, the incomplete grade will automatically become a failing grade.)

If a student fails to submit an excuse within 24 hours to the school office, it will remain unexcused. Please, utilize the email for remote learners or turn it into the office. (Per attendance policy).

     1. All absences are marked unexcused until one of the following occurs:

  • a. Written excuse signed by the parent/guardian;
  • b. Email excuse using the Career Center form;
  • c. Notification from the home school of approved event or suspension;
  • d. Receipt of documentation of court appearance.

Tardiness: Tardiness is a violation of student attendance regulations. Students are required to be at school on time. A. W. Beattie Career Center, because of its mission and goals will not tolerate tardiness. We recognize our responsibility to prepare students to meet the employers’ expectations. Therefore, A. W. Beattie Career Center will be aggressive in deterring tardiness.  Students arriving late to school will be placed on in-school suspension after three (3) tardies, and each subsequent three (3) tardies. Parents will be notified. Excuses for tardies should be submitted upon arrival.

Early Dismissal: A request for an early dismissal must be submitted to the School Office prior to the beginning of each session. The note should indicate the time of dismissal, the reason, the parent/guardian’s signature and a telephone number where they may be contacted to confirm the request. If a parent or guardian verification is not obtained, the student will not be released. Students will not be dismissed early without prior confirmation. Students must sign out in the School Office. Students attending a field trip must remain at Beattie until the end of the school day.