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Featured Alumni

Dylan Winters

“My education at Beattie was monumental, and it truly gave me an idea of what I could do with my passion for graphic design.”

Dylan Winters
Dylan Winters Design Co.
2010 Northgate | A.W. Beattie Advertising Design
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Josh Eddy

"Being here again is like seeing two dads (in Mr. Ellis and Chef Yurek). It's refreshing to have that sense of home just like I remembered."

Josh Eddy
2020 Northgate | A.W. Beattie Culinary Arts
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lawrence david

“Beattie taught me a new and interesting technical background in a field I came to love...  Although the program I attended is no longer, the school has grown a lot and has great courses for young folks to create excellent careers from."

Lawrence Dunlap
Nuclear Power Industry
1972 Mars Area | A.W. Beattie Nuclear Metallurgy
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ashley ondich

"Beattie provided me with career readiness skills I needed to succeed. Being at Beattie taught me not only the education and clinical resources I needed but also the  professionalism aspect I needed to succeed in the workforce."

Ashley Ondich
2010 | A.W. Beattie Health and Nursing Sciences
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becky miller

“Beattie kicked off an awesome future for me. If I hadn’t gone to Beattie, I think my interests in robotics would have died out not knowing the possibilities."

Becky Miller
Smith and Nephew Requirements and Test Engineer
2011 Shaler Area | A.W. Beattie Robotics
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jason boyd

"22 years ago, A.W. Beattie gave me a great start in the HVAC industry! Now I count on A.W. Beattie every year to provide trained HVAC installers and technicians, which allows my business to keep growing!"

Jason Boyd
Hampton Mechanical Owner
1998 Hampton Township | A.W. Beattie HVAC
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vicki sasinoski

 "Going to nursing school, I had that one up on all of these other students. And I really think that's what Beattie is all about."

Vicki Sasinoski
UPMC Senior Staff Nurse
2009 Fox Chapel Area | A.W. Beattie Health and Nursing
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damion hartle

“Looking back on Beattie, I’d say the attention to detail really helped my progression over to IUP. In college, attention to detail is everything."

Damion Hartle
IUP student
2019 North Allegheny | A.W. Beattie Culinary Arts
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savanna wilson

“Everyone else that heard these lessons for the first time at 18, 19 and 20 years old, I had learned when I was 16, so I’ve always felt a step ahead of everybody.”

Savanna Wilson
Slippery Rock student
2016 North Allegheny | A.W. Beattie Early Childhood Education
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matthew mahafkey

"You get real world experience, an instructor who truly cares about you and an environment where you don't realize you are learning until it’s too late."

Matthew Mahafkey
Robert Morris student
2020 Pine-Richland | A.W. Beattie Computer Systems Technology
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sarah helfrich

“I thought it could be a jumpstart to what I might want to do instead of paying for it in college... If I never did the program, I wouldn’t be where I am now.”

Sarah Helffrich
Pittsburgh Dental Implants and Periodontics
2019 Avonworth | A.W. Beattie Dental Careers
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