Where are they now? Northgate's Josh Eddy

josh eddy

Thank you to Josh Eddy for recently visiting our Culinary Arts program.

Josh, a 2020 Northgate graduate, attended the program for three years and returned with several CCAC representatives to do a demonstration for our Culinary Arts students and to discuss post-secondary opportunities.

"I had a great experience here getting to learn everything like equipment, what different pieces of equipment are called and how they are used," Josh said. "Things like working the fish fries was so much fun. Being with my friends and working prepared me for what I'm doing now at CCAC and at a restaurant. I'm glad I had those experiences."

Josh is in his second year at CCAC and also works at Napa Prime Chophouse.

"Being able to work at a five-star restaurant is something that obviously a lot of people look forward to doing in the industry," Josh said. "I love it, but you should never shy away from being able to work in a French restaurant, a Mexican restaurant, an American restaurant, and more to build your experience and resume to be a fantastic chef."

He also called CCAC's Culinary program "tremendous."

"I never walk away from a class feeling I didn't learn something," he said. "Each week, right now, we are doing a different cuisine of America over 13 weeks. That's Cajun, California, New England, the great plains, and the chef emphasizes learning why we are cooking this and where it comes from. You always walk away from each class with so much knowledge."

Returning to Beattie, he said, felt like home.

"It's been so exciting to see teachers," Josh said. "It's nice to feel welcomed. It's a great place. Being here again is like seeing two dads (in Mr. Yurek and Mr. Ellis). They were joking with me as soon as I came in. It's refreshing to have that sense of home just like I remembered."

Josh plans to pursue his associate's degree and continue working in the culinary field.

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