Slippery Rock professor lectures in Early Childhood Education program

r bieniek

Please join us in thanking Dr. Eric Bieniek who lectured in our Early Childhood Education program.

Dr. Bieniek is a professor in the Department of Special Education at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania. He is also a licensed behavior specialist, nationally certified psychologist and board-certified behavior analyst. He also served on A.W. Beattie’s joint Operating Committee for four years and has been on the ECE Advisory Board for nearly a decade.

Dr. Bieniek also discussed the wide variety of post-secondary and career paths students may pursue after graduating high school. Students in the ECE program have pursued becoming everything from teachers and child psychologists to social workers and behavioral therapists. He also discussed his journey in education.

“There are so many opportunities to have great careers working with children if that’s what you are passionate about,” Dr. Bieniek said. “We need more people pursuing careers in education. There aren’t nearly enough educators.”

Career exploration is emphasized across all Career Center programs.

“The common thread in this program is the desire to help children learn and grow in all aspects of their lives” ECE instructor Ms. Cari Ludwig said. “I am so lucky to work with my students, and it is awesome to see what the ECE graduates do with this passion as they take their various career paths in the field.”

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