4 student interns assist IT Department for new school year

it intern

With countless items on their annual summer to do list, A.W. Beattie’s IT Department once again expanded their team by hiring four students as paid interns.

“We couldn’t do it all without them,” IT Director Joe Miller said. “Four students step up every summer for the opportunity, usually from our Computer Systems and Networking Engineering program, and every time they excel.”

This past summer Avonworth’s Jack O’Dell and Colin McPherson, Pine-Richland’s Seth Sudac, and Shaler Area’s Carson Klaas led several IT projects to prepare the Career Center for the 2021-2022 school year. Mr. Miller and IT Specialist Alex Gralia oversaw their duties.

“I found it interesting because it wasn’t just doing the same thing over and over,” Jack said. “There were a lot of different opportunities behind the job that I wasn’t expecting. I knew a lot of the hardware related stuff after being in a class for hardware for a year, and then we got into new things like setting up printers and changing IP addresses. Anything server and network related was new to me, and there’s a lot of satisfaction in learning and basically having on the job training in the field.”

Each student had one year of experience in Beattie’s Computer System’s Technology program.

“I really enjoy building computers, so working on the hardware for me was really the best part of the job,” Seth said. “It was everything we learned in Mr. Ricetti’s class and more. Mr. Ricetti talks you through a lot of the hardware aspects, which got me ready for the summer job.”

The group upgraded hundreds of computers for the new school year, disassembled and reassembled hundreds of electronic devices, did maintenance on a variety of printers and completed a variety of networking related tasks.

“I’m really interested in everything we did and learned, so I really enjoyed it,” Colin said. “Even with things like 3D printers, which could be a little confusing at times, I got to learn a lot about them and got pretty good with them.”

Carson, Colin, Jack and Seth plan to pursue careers in the IT and Cyber Security field.

“Mr. Gralia and Mr. Miller were really helpful and taught me how to do everything we were being introduced to for the first time, but they also let me figure some things out on my own, too,” Carson said. “It was fun and now I pretty much know what an IT job would be like.”

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