2021 Pastry Arts Senior of the Year to attend IUP

jada ivey

Congratulations to Hampton Township's Jada Ivey who was named the 2021 Senior of the Year in A.W. Beattie’s Pastry Arts program!

One of Jada’s greatest influences was her dad.

“I love baking, and my dad is more on the chef side,” Jada said. “He went to culinary school. He’s worked at different restaurants, and I’m hoping to get into the field as a pastry chef.”

Jada attended Beattie with her best friend Haley, and they want to open a bakery together. Jada would over the baking, and Haley would oversee the decorating. They will attend IUP together.

“It’s fun being in class with her and learning together, and then we take stuff home to our families,” Jada said. “I took home dinner rolls one time and accidentally smashed them so now they call it squish bread. My little brother loves it.”

She also liked learning from Mr. Morehead and Mrs. Singer.

“Mr. Morehead teaches in a way that it sticks in my head,” Jada said. “I’m not so much into desk learning. I like learning hands-on, and he’ll stop you in the middle of making something and ask what’s happening and why it’s happening, which helps me learn so much more. Mrs. Singer is almost like another student the way she interacts and helps us.”

Good Luck Jada!

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