2021 Culinary Arts Senior of the Year to attend Pittsburgh Technical College

eric kindcaid

Congratulations to North Allegheny's Eric Kincaid who was named the 2021 Senior of the Year in A.W. Beattie’s Culinary Arts program!

Eric grew up learning how to cook with his father and grandfather.

“They love to cook so I just always remember being around them and learning from them,” Eric said. “My dad always makes a great brisket every Thanksgiving, and he would always ask me to help make the rub for it. It would be so much fun, especially afterwards. It would have like a bark consistency on the outside, so it’s always so satisfying to eat.”

While Eric still cooks with them, he joined Beattie in hopes of becoming a chef. He will attend Pittsburgh Technical College where he earned a $6,000 scholarship for Culinary Arts.

“I love the fact that I could take a big hobby of mine and make it into something where I could do it for my career,” Eric said. “I came here to learn and cook as much as I could.”

He also shared his first impressions of the program instructors.

“At first, they seem really professional, which they are,” he said. “Then over the years they’ve more or less like, not siblings but almost second parents. You can joke around with them. You can talk with them. And you learn from them as well.”

Eric favorite lessons were on chocolate souffles, creme brulee, baked goods, and a shrimp dish that was mixture of shrimp, fried rice, pork chops.

“Honestly, I loved all of it,” Eric said. “So, I hope this was the first step to becoming a chef in a well-established kitchen where I can enjoy what I’m doing every day.”

Good Luck Eric!

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