How these Beattie students began working full-time before their senior year


Titus LaMay’s dream job is to work on a rally team, but for now he’s excited to work in the fast-paced environment at Glenshaw Automotive.

Students like Titus, Hampton Township’s Mark Gibson and North Allegheny’s Matt Cameron each got jumpstarts in their chosen career paths by beginning to work full-time for employers in the summer, and they’ve continued to master their skills in the workplace as part of A.W. Beattie’s Cooperative Education program.

Students in the Cooperative Education program work in their field for two to three virtual days a week during the school year.

Titus learned about Beattie after his brother Josh attended the Carpentry and Building Construction program for three years. His lifelong interest in cars led him to the Automotive Technology program.

“Mr. Parks, Mr. Monroe and Mr. Szelc really get you into the basics to have knowledge of entire vehicles, and when you have that you can really start to excel more quickly,” LaMay said. “They go over everything, so it’s fun to be a part of.”

LaMay began working full-time in the summer and can be found in Glenshaw Automotive’s shop three days a week during the school year. Sam Councilmen, the owner, attended the career center.

“He’s a really nice guy and a really good owner who runs the business well,” Titus said. “We’re a really good team over there, and everyone is really welcoming. It’s been a really good experience. I’ve had some neat opportunities to learn and have fun.”

Mark has worked for Brolley and Schmitt plumbing since early June.

“It’s nice, because I am doing hands-on work all of the time still,” Mark said. “I’m getting even more inside knowledge from more people who have experience in the field. You definitely get to see a new side of plumbing and HVAC, and it’s nice to have extra knowledge from the co-owners, Kevin Brolley and Doug Schmitt. They want to know what you want to learn and try, and they’ll show you anything. They want you to excel.”

Matt is following in his brother Ryan’s footsteps by working for their father’s company, Cameron Property Solutions.

Matt’s Cooperative Education experience focuses on HVAC appliance and refrigeration repair.

“I knew I wanted to be at Beattie, I wanted to get the most out of school that I could, so the HVAC program was right for me,” Matt said.

Matt and Ryan, along with younger siblings and relatives, will likely take over the family business someday.

“The plan is to keep the family company going, and I’m happy to be a part of it while I’m in school,” Matt said. “I like going to different places, installing new equipment or repairing old equipment. I like to make things work, and everything I’ve learned in HVAC is helping me for every job I’m sent to.”

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