HVAC Senior of the Year gets early start in his career

ryan cameron

Congratulations to North Allegheny School District's Ryan Cameron who was named HVAC Senior of the Year!

“I really enjoyed the format of the class, because we are all taught the same knowledge but worked at different paces,” Ryan said. “Nobody in the class ever felt pressured to rush and finish something quickly and others never felt like they were needing to be held back for anything. I really liked how welcoming the teachers were and how happy they were to see everyone that day.”

He always knew he would give a program at Beattie a chance.

“My family has a very strong belief that it is a good idea to try out a program at Beattie and it leads to great opportunities,” Ryan said. “My parents both went to Beattie, and all my uncles went to Beattie as well. My dad has his own HVAC company, so I had my mind set that I wanted to learn that to be able to do it. After a few weeks in the program, I knew it was the one for me, and I would love to do this as a career.”

Some of Ryan’s favorite memories include competing in SkillsUSA, traveling with friends and teachers for competitions and learning from Mr. Hughes and Mr. Miller.

“I really appreciated the genuine effort my teachers put into teaching us every day,” Ryan said. “They truly cared about us learning the material needed to enter the workforce and made it fun. They always gave us the opportunity to learn more and challenge ourselves even more. I really appreciated the detail they put into every lesson.”

Ryan began working for his father’s company Cameron Property Solutions in high school.

“I want to be able to learn as much as I can and be the best tech I can be for my dad’s company,” Ryan said. “I really enjoy the field and really enjoy working with them every day.”

Ryan also played Inline Hockey for the Tigers.

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