A.W. Beattie, Shaler Area senior named Elite Top 100 student

ben scariot

Congratulations to Ben Scariot who was chosen as an Elite Top 100 student by Trib Total Media and a recipient of the Outstanding Young Citizen Award!

The 100 students who earned the designation will be presented with awards at an April banquet.

“I’m not the only one from Beattie that could be considered for this award, because a lot of people in the building are hardworking and do a lot for the community,” Ben said. “It feels good, because sometimes you think the little things we do to help other people doesn’t get noticed, but this shows there are people watching.”

A.W. Beattie School Counselor Mrs. Kim Zylinski nominated Ben for the award with a submission that detailed his activities in and out of school.

“Ben is an excellent example of how hard work, passion for your CTC program and volunteering benefits not just his own educational experience, but the community at large,” Mrs. Zylinski said.

Ben is a SkillsUSA participant and a Beattie Ambassador at the career center. He has also given presentations to local students about the Emergency Response Technology program.

“I’ve had kids who visited Beattie on tours, and a lot of them have said they want to be at Beattie now for ERT,” Ben said. “It’s nice knowing that what you said piqued their interest and that when they came over they thought what we do at Beattie is pretty cool.”

He is the trumpet section leader for the Shaler Area Marching Band and a member of stage crew for Shaler Area High School’s musical.

“Those are a lot of fun, because I like helping make a show look even better and being a part of something bigger than myself,” Ben said. “I like the idea of making people in the audience wonder ‘wow, how did they do that?’ and bringing that magic to life.”

He is also in Boy Scouts and a junior firefighter at Etna Station 149 outside of school.

“I enjoy all of those things, because it gets you out into the community and involved in a lot of different ways,” Ben said.

Ben will attend CCAC and then the Center for Emergency Medicine.

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