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  • Open House:

    A.W. Beattie Career Center's 2021 Spring Open House will be open to prospective students and their parents/guardians only. Please call 412-847-1900 to schedule your March 17th visit. Masks are required, and we will follow social distancing guidelines.

  • New Student Enrollment:

    Click here for 2021-2022 New Student Enrollment Information.

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School Counselor Resource Center

Last Updated: 9/2/2020 7:02 PM

Mrs. Kim Zylinski and Mrs. Sara Goodyear are the A.W. Beattie Career Center school counselors. They work with students on a variety of items such as monitoring academic progress and meeting with students 1:1, implementing study skills, college and career counseling, scholarship applications, as well as assisting students with social and emotional issues.  They also work with all of the district liaison counselors to coordinate a variety of items and activities for the student body. 

Sara Goodyear's email is sara.goodyear@beattietech.com and her office number is 412-847-1893. Mrs. Goodyear is the counselor for students with the last names beginning A-L.

Kim Zylinski's email is kim.zylinski@beattietech.com and her office number is 412-847-1912. Mrs. Zylinski is the counselor for students with the last names beginning M-Z.

Click here for college funding resource information.

Beattie Assistance Team

A.W. Beattie Career Center has a Beattie Assistance Team (B.A.T.) led by our school counselor Mrs. Zylinski. BAT helps remove learning barriers to help students succeed academically and in other facets of their life. The team is comprised of the school counselor, principal, other faculty members, and a school based therapist from UPMC.

Click here to complete and submit a Beattie Assistance Team (BAT) Referral Form.

Once a referral is received by the team, we work with the home district, student, and their family to make sure they have the extra support they need to succeed. Students who choose to participate in the B.A.T. process will have an opportunity to meet with the school based therapist one-on-one or in a small group setting during school hours at Beattie. This extra support is highly revered by both students and staff.

B.A.T. members include:

  • School Counselor Kim Zylinski
  • School Counselor Sara Goodyear
  • Principal Jason Watkins
  • Special Populations Coordinator Erin Rushe 
  • Learning Facilitator Erin Brennan
  • Learning Facilitator Nancy Loughrey
  • Instructor Cari Ludwig
  • Instructor Scott Miller
  • Instructor Joani Zelazowski
  • LCSW School-Based Therapist Giselle Fernandes
  • LCSW School-Based Therapist, Nichole Budosh
  • Officer Robert Scott

Safe2Say Something

Safe2Say Something is a youth violence prevention program run by the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General. The program teaches youth and adults how to recognize warning signs and signals, especially within social media, from individuals who may be a threat to themselves or others and to “say something” BEFORE it is too late. With Safe2Say Something, it’s easy and confidential to report safety concerns to help prevent violence and tragedies.

Here’s how it works:

  • Submit an anonymous tip report through the Safe2SaySomething system
  • Crisis center reviews, assesses and processes all submissions
  • Crisis center sends all submissions to school administration and/or law enforcement  for intervention
  • If needed, crisis center may contact tipster anonymously through the app