Beattie 360 Outdoors

KayakingGo Ape Course

The goal of Beattie 360 Outdoors is to introduce and expand the knowledge of opportunities available to Beattie students within the surrounding areas and their own backyard.  From hiking and fishing to archery and rock climbing, we believe there is something for all of our students waiting just outside their door.

These were activities the student organization hosted in the 2018-2019 school year:

Hike @ North Park
Beattie Boot Camp (during school hours)
Archery shooting @ certified range
Quarterly meeting (during school hours)
5K Run @ North Park
Quarterly meeting (during school hours)
Woods hike and maple tree tapping @ Beattie property
Quarterly meeting and Pancake breakfast with Beattie maple tree syrup(during school hours)
Trout Fishing Trip @ North Park (during school hours)
Go-Ape and picnic @ North Park