Instructors and Learning Support

Last Updated: 2/6/2023 6:03 PM


Heather Brown Advertising Design 412.847.1951 Email
Andrew Dumbeck Advertising Design 412.847.1917 Email
Pat Ciccone Automotive Collision Technology 412.847.1941 Email
Joe Pelesky Automotive Collision Technology 412.847.1942 Email
Larry Parks Automotive Technology 412.847.1948 Email
Nathan Monroe Automotive Technology 412.847.1949 Email
Eric Carlini Carpentry/Building Construction 412.847.1943 Email
John Brown Carpentry/Building Construction 412.847.1944 Email
Dale Dankmyer Carpentry/Building Construction 412.847.1956 Email
Damian Zottoli CST, NET & Cyber Security 412.847.1952 Email
Sarah Christen Cosmetology 412.847.1927 Email
Cynthia Cazin Cosmetology 412.847.1928 Email
Joani Zelazowski Cosmetology 412.847.1929 Email
John Ellis Culinary Arts 412.847.1931 Email
Aaron Yurek Culinary Arts 412.847.1933 Email
Paula Gibson Dental Careers 412.847.1936 Email
Cari Ludwig Early Childhood Education 412.847.1926 Email
Lee Silnutzer Emergency Response Technology 412.847.1938 Email
Sarah Dietz Health and Nursing Sciences 412.847.1937 Email
Douglas Moran Health and Nursing Sciences 412.847.1939 Email
Charles Wike HVAC 412.847.1945 Email
Roy Hughes HVAC 412.847.1946 Email
Dale Dankmyer HVAC 412.847.1956 Email
Paula Gibson Introduction to Pharmacy 412.847.1936 Email
Ken Morehead Pastry Arts 412.847.1932 Email
Michael Purucker Robotics Engineering Technology 412.847.1953 Email
Darren Vtipil Sports Medicine 412.847.1964 Email
Chris Cowger Sports Medicine 412.847.1965 Email
Vincenzina Olszewski Surgical Sciences 412.847.1954 Email
Megan Chuckery Veterinary Sciences 412.847.1883 Email
Jennifer Dumbeck Veterinary Sciences 412.847.1886 Email

Learning Support

Nancy Loughrey         Learning Support 412.847.1923 Email
Erin Brennan Learning Support 412.847.1924 Email
Erin Rushe Special Populations Coord.            412.847.1925 Email

Integration Instructors

Gretchen Boyette        ESL/Portfolios                                 412.847.1913 Email
Jen Groomes Math 412.847.1958 Email
Tad Thayer Science 412.847.1957 Email

Instructional Assistants

Eric Szelc Automotive Technology 412.847.1948 Email
Annette Udanis Culinary Arts 412.847.1931 Email
Diane Murray Early Childhood Education 412.847.1926 Email
Cheryl Rogowski        Emergency Response Technology 412.847.1938 Email
Tina Swanson Education Support 412.847.1897 Email
Heather Zottoli Instructional Support 412.847.1960 Email
Hilary Falo Health and Nursing Sciences 412.847.1939 Email
Samantha Singer Pastry Arts 412.847.1932 Email
Cam Galloway Carpentry/Building Construction 412.847.1943 Email
Nicholas Sauer Instructional Assistant 412.847.1934 Email
Casey Santonastaso Veterinary Sciences 412.847.1884 Email