Administration, Student Services and Support Staff

Last Updated: 10/9/2020 2:15 PM

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Eric C. Heasley Executive Director 412.847.1901 Email
Dr. Jason Watkins Assistant Director/Principal 412.847.1961 Email
Thea Holzworth            Asst. Principal/ Asst. to the Director        412.847.1909 Email
Brad Walker Business Manager 412.847.1904 Email
Joseph Miller Director of Technology 412.847.1907 Email
Bill Steiner Jr. Building and Grounds Supervisor 412.847.1919 Email
Krista Charlton Kiddie Tech Director 412.847.1920 Email

Student Services

Kim Zylinski                   CTE Career and School Counselor 412.847.1912 Email
Sara Goodyear CTE Career and Resource Counselor 412.847.1893 Email
Joanne Vano Cooperative Education Coord. 412.847.1914 Email
Clif Bossong Assessment and S.T.E.A.M. Coord. 412.847.1955 Email
Scott Scariot Student Ethics/ISS Coord. 412.847.1947 Email
Shawn Annarelli Public Relations and Admissions Coord. 412.847.1911 Email
Robert Scott School Police Officer 412.847.1960 Email

Administrative Support Staff and Technology Support

Maureen Golden Business Office Coord. 412.847.1905 Email
Susan Hughes Administrative Asst./PIMS Coord. 412.847.1902 Email
Susan Dankmyer Accounts Payable/Purchasing Specialist 412.847.1906 Email
AnnMarie Wasielewski Administrative Executive Asst. 412.847.1900 Email
Alex Gralia  Systems Technician 412.847.1908 Email
Front Office Graduate Records Transcripts 412.847.1900 Email