Continued Hybrid Instructional Schedule

Last Updated: 12/14/2020 6:00 PM

A.W. Beattie Career Center
2020 – 2021
Hybrid Instructional Schedule

A.W. Beattie Career Center will continue to provide students and families with options that best fit their family need at this time.

Our plan includes the following:

  • Reduce the number of in-person students in class to assist with physical distancing and transmission risks
  • Allow for the value of our hands-on learning to begin
  • Provide families with choices
  • Prepare for a full return of all students to the classroom environment when appropriate
  • Prepare for Full Remote Distance Learning if needed

The Career Center will operate under this hybrid instructional schedule until further guidance or an official directive has been given that requires this plan to be modified.

Student Option #1

Group A - AM

North Hills
Shaler Area


Distance Learning
All Students

Group B - AM
Thursday - Friday
Deer Lakes

Group A - PM

Hampton Twp.
Shaler Area


Group B - PM
Thursday - Friday

Fox Chapel Area
North Allegheny

The A/B grouping is designed to provide as much physical distancing as feasibly possible within each Career Center program. On the days students are not in attendance at the Career Center, they will participate in a Remote Distance Learning Environment/Activity.

On days that students are assigned to Remote Distance Learning, they will be required to log into their program area through a Microsoft Teams Link at the assigned time each day for direct instruction, recorded instruction, or remote learning activities as assigned by the program instructor. 

On Remote Distance Learning days, students attendance will be maintained daily through a student's login into their program area through a Microsoft Teams Link.  Students will have to participate in the assigned learning activities for the day to be counted as present for attendance.

Example 1:
Monday – Tuesday: In-Person Attendance at Beattie
Wednesday – Thursday – Friday: Remote Distance Learning

Example 2:
Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday : Remote Distance Learning
Thursday – Friday: In-Person Attendance at Beattie

Student Option #2

Full Remote Distance Learning

Students will be required to log into their program area at the assigned time each day for direct, recorded, or remote learning activities as assigned by the program instructor. 

Selection of Student Options:

Families that need to modify their previous selection for curriculum instruction are asked to contact Mrs. Holzworth at or 412-847-1909.

Student Travel Guidelines Regarding Student Attendance:

Students that have traveled to a designated hot spot as referenced by the Commonwealth of PA must self quarantine for a period of fourteen (14 days) before returning to in-person instruction.  This is to protect everyone in the school community.  Please notify the Career Center at 412.847-1909 or email at if this impacts your student.  Thank you.

Students Under Quarantine/Isolation Orders:

Students/families that may be under quarantine or isolation guidelines will be able to participate in Full Remote Distance Learning regardless of the student option that was selected.

Student Attendance:

Daily student attendance will be maintained.  Students will be given directions from their teacher on the protocol utilized in their program to take daily attendance.  Attendance will be recorded daily in Skyward for in-person classes or Remote Distance Learning days.

Please submit excuses for absences from in-person classes or Remote Distance Learning days within 24 hours to  Please include the parent/guardian name and phone number for verification.  You may also submit excuses for absences in the front office to Susan Hughes, Administrative Assistant. 


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