A.W. Beattie thanks Joint Operating Committee members

JOC members

We would like to thank Larry Vasko (Hampton), Jeff Carraway (Avonworth), Lou Nudi (North Hills) and Tom Kelly (North Hills) for their time and dedication to serving on A.W. Beattie Career Center’s Joint Operating Committee.

Their contributions have been invaluable to the development of the career center’s programs and experiences afforded to students.

Vasko served 8 years and said remodeling the career center was the biggest undertaking during his time on the JOC.

He also said A.W. Beattie offers unique opportunities and hands-on learning experiences that are valuable.

“There’s such a need for these programs and for people with these skills,” Vasko said. “I had leaking water in my basement, and I needed to dig down for a French drain. A contractor with 10 crews needed six weeks to get it on the schedule. There’s a huge demand for skilled labor… Sometimes parents almost mandate going to college when that’s not the only path available.”

Carraway served for seven years and one of his sons attended the career center, which led to a career.

“It was time well spent for him,” Carraway said. “Beattie was a good thing for him at the right time when he was trying to figure out what he wanted to do.”

He called being on the JOC board a “wonderful experience.”

“Students there have a nice pathway straight into the workforce or to take college credits earned and apply it toward a degree,” Carraway said. “The administration has done a great job with the programs and having credits accepted by schools for kids to have a jumpstart at places like Cal-U.”

Kelly, who served on the JOC for two years, was impressed with the programs taught and the training and preparation for students’ next steps.

“I had the opportunity to see what Beattie really does as opposed to what some may think,” Kelly said. “I think there are some connotations about Beattie, and one is that kids learn the trades but they don’t master the trades. I think they do at Beattie, which is one of the best kept secrets in the northern area. More and more kids ought to look at the programs Beattie offers to be prepared for skilled employment and perhaps college.”

Nudi said one of the greatest undertakings in his three years serving Beattie was the reorganization of Kiddie Tech.

He was also satisfied with Beattie’s newest programs.

“I’m very impressed with Veterinary Sciences and Sports Medicine.” Nudi said. “I’m very, very satisfied with those programs. Beattie is a great resource, especially in these times when we have to get more and more students ready for the workforce.”

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