How A.W. Beattie supports English as a Second Language students

Mrs Boyette

Most students who attend A.W. Beattie have always called Western Pennsylvania home, and some have moved to the United States from countries thousands of miles away.

The Democratic Republic of Congo. Vietnam. Pakistan.

Students raised in four continents and 10 countries are attending the career center this school year. Like any other student, they chose to attend the career center to pursue their passion, but with the unique need for occasional linguistic assistance.

That’s where Mrs. Boyette, A.W. Beattie’s English as a Second Language teacher, steps in.

“I enjoy learning about different cultures, and I enjoy supporting students,” Mrs. Boyette said. “Everyone needs support to reach their goals, and I enjoy the one-on one interaction with each student. It allows me to build an authentic relationship that is built on trust and connection.”

Aminata, who learned English as her fifth language, wants to be a doctor, and Waleed will go to college to be a surgeon.

“Mr. Vtipil is a great teacher, and sometimes I might need additional assistance,” Waleed said. “I might go to Mrs. Boyette once a week if I didn’t understand something from a speech in class, and she slows everything down, so I fully understand.”

Mrs. Boyette assists program instructors in the educational development of each ESL student.

She also provides translation services to ESL families and college and career transition services ESL student employment, college and financial aid applications.

“I appreciate the fact that I am supporting an entire family when I support their child,” Mrs. Boyette said. “This support allows them to integrate into a new culture with greater confidence. To do that, I believe establishing a relationship and strong connection with the students is important.”

Aminata is already applying for college and scholarships.

“We already started talking about college and scholarships (when I was a junior),” Aminata said. “I couldn’t possibly repay her for everything she’s done for me. She’s been more than a teacher. She’s like a good friend and cares so much about her students. I’m so grateful for her, and I wish I could have her in college, too.”

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