Ad Design Senior of the Year to use skills in Psychology

Nate Arredondo is Ad Design's Senior of the Year.

Congratulations to A.W. Beattie's Nate Arredondo who was named the Advertising Design program's Senior of the Year.

Nate will go to Kent State University for Psychology with a focus on art therapy.

"I didn’t find out how artistic I was until I started coming to Beattie," Nate said. "I came over during a summer camp in ninth grade, and I liked it."

Advertising Design instructor Mrs. Heather Brown said Nate has been involved in every activity possible in the program.

"He has dived into this program for three years," Brown said. "He has always been in SkillsUSA, always helping at summer camps, and open houses. Anything that has been needed within the class or the community, he is there."

He will be Brown's second student to pursue a career in art therapy.

"We’ve seen him evolve into the designer he is today. At first, you know, he wasn’t sure if he had the skills artistically, but with practice comes mastery. He’s been so patient and willing to try everything, which is so important in the design world. He has a desire to help people, and it’s cool that he wants to use this background in psychology."

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