2021 Ad Design Senior of the Year to attend CCAC

dom gralia

Congratulations to North Allegheny’s Dom Gralia who was named the 2021 Senior of the Year in A.W. Beattie’s Advertising Design program!

Dom was drawn to Advertising Design because it seemed like the most interesting program.

“I wanted to see and learn about all of the different possibilities stemming from art and art software,” Dom said. “I wanted to know all of the different doors that could be opened. In a traditional art class, it's straight forward what you signed up for. There are so many things that happen here. You can learn so much, and what you can do with that can go in 100 different directions.”

Dom will attend CCAC. He wants to become a career and technical center instructor in the Advertising Design field.

“I’ve wanted to be a teacher for a while.” Dom said. “I wasn’t sure exactly what subject I wanted to teach. For a while I thought about teaching math because I had very good math teachers back-to-back-to-back. But I know this is what I want to teach. Mr. Dumbeck and Mrs. Brown have been huge influences on me wanting to teach Advertising Design or Graphic Design.”

Dom is A.W. Beattie’s first SkillsUSA Pennsylvania state officer. He has also competed in SkillsUSA for three years and won a state championship with classmates Alexis Robinson and Dina Karkaria.

“I love the projects we’ve done in class and in SkillsUSA,” Dom said. “Photography is always fun. I don’t know if I could possibly choose a project or a lesson I would not do again. A lot of what we do is fun and unique to what we could anywhere else.”

Dom also is involved in Beattie Ambassadors and plays Rugby. He is in National Technical Honor Society.

Good Luck Dom!

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