Student Expectations for Remote Distance Learning


A.W. Beattie Career Center
Student Expectations for Remote Distance Learning
Code of Conduct

Remote Distance Learning will be synchronous and/or asynchronous with live or recorded lessons, student assignments and student interaction.  Live lessons may be recorded and later uploaded into a Microsoft TEAMS link for additional review at a later date. 

When students are participating in a live Remote Distance Learning lesson through TEAMS or a similar platform, they must:

           Dress appropriately and behave as they would in the classroom and at school.  Students who do not may face disciplinary action.

  • Abide by the Career Center’s Acceptable Use of Internet Policy and follow the Career Center’s Use of Email and Electronic Communication Policy.  Both are outlined at under Board Policies.
  • Ensure anything that is visible in their video is appropriate and not offensive or personal.  Students are encouraged to use virtual backgrounds as needed through the TEAMS platform.

When a student takes part in a Remote Distance Learning lesson through TEAMS or a similar platform, the student and parent/guardian acknowledge that:

  • The lesson is live and other students are also taking part.
  • The lesson may be recorded with the intent of the teacher to upload the recording to TEAMS for additional review.
  • The possibility that the student, whether participating virtually or in-person as the Career Center is operating on a Hybrid model, will appear in the recording.

Additionally, students are:

  • Prohibited from sharing or posting videos, pictures or screenshots of any teacher’s video lesson on social media, gaming networks or elsewhere online.
  • Prohibited from joining or accessing livestream for classes they are not scheduled to attend.

When students are in the classroom, the teacher and the instruction will be the focus of the livestream and recording.  The teacher will notify students prior to the streaming or recording.

Livestream links and links to video will be shared only through password protected sites such as TEAMS and will not be accessible to the public.

On each school day a student is attending Remote Distance Learning, the students must follow the directions of their teacher for recording their daily attendance to be considered present for the day.

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