Learn when and how students can retrieve their belongings

pick up it ems 2020

Student Material Pick-Up Instructions 

We appreciate the patience and understanding of all our students and families during these trying times. Safety of everyone is our foremost thought. All students will be required to follow the following guidelines during their scheduled pick-up times. 

Student Guidelines: 

  1. Please arrive during the days assigned for your grade level and by last name of the alphabet. 

  1. All students must bring a mask and wear the mask on the Career Center property. 

  1. All students must practice social distancing and follow all directions as given by the Career Center staff. 

  1. For the safety of everyone, any items not picked up by students will be discarded in the trash. 

  1. For any student that is not able to pick-up their belongings because they feel sick, have a temperature at or above 100.4, or have been around someone that has been ill in the last 14 days, please send an email with your name and phone number to info@beattietech.com.   

  1. Please return any textbooks and materials that belong to the Career Center when you pick-up your belongings. – Much Appreciated.   

Pick-up Directions: Staff members greeting students will be wearing masks and gloves. 

Auto Body-Auto Tech-Advertising Design-ERT:  

       Students will enter the building at the front entrance by Auto Body 

HVAC-CBC-Advanced Computer Programming-CNET/Cyber Security-Robotics-Sports Medicine: 

        Students will enter the main entrance by the Flag Pole 

Health and Nursing-Dental/Phar-VET Sciences-ECE-Cosmetology-Culinary Arts: 

        Students will enter the building at the Kiddie Tech Day Care entrance 

Seniors: May 21sth and May 22nd
Seniors will also receive a special gift.                                                                                                 

Last Names:   
A-G 8:00-10:00 
H-M 10:15-12:15 
N-Z 12:30-2:30 

Juniors: May 26th and May 27th 

Last Names: 
A-G 8:00-10:00 
H-M 10:15-12:15 
N-Z 12:30-2:30 

Sophomores: May 28th and May 29th 

Last Names: 
A-G 8:00-10:00 
H-M 10:15-12:15 
N-Z 12:30-2:30 

All the best,

Eric C. Heasley | eric.heasley@beattietech.com
Executive Director

Jason Watkins | jason.watkins@beattietech.com
Assistant Director/Principal

Thea Holzworth | thea.holzworth@beattietech.com
Assistant Principal/Assistant to the Director

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