Building Construction

Students in this PBA (Pennsylvania Builders Association) endorsed program will receive classroom and hands-on training in carpentry, masonry, plumbing, residential wiring, and building a home for sale. Students also have the opportunity to join SkillsUSA where they can be involved in activities and competitions, as well as community projects that challenge the student during the year, preparing them for immediate employment.

Students also have the opportunity to experience live work by taking part in the on-going project of building a modular home. Additionally, students will gain experience in the operations of fork lifts, scissor lifts and industrial rigging systems.

To learn more about Building Construction's opportunities watch the video above, see the instructor information below and check the tabs to your right to learn about earning certifications and college credits.

Career Paths

Architect, Mason, Electrician, Roofer, Construction Estimator/Manager and more.

College Credits

Triangle Tech (2) and National Articulations (1-4)

Courses of Study

Blueprints, Building Layout, Floor and Wall Framing, Finishing, Installation and more.

Industry Support

Thank you to our Occupational Advisory Committee. 
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dale dankmyer
Mr. Dale Dankmyer
Mr. John Brown teaches Building Construction.
Mr. John Brown

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