Building Construction Senior of the Year thankful for parents' advice

ben senchak

Congratulations to North Hills School District’s Ben Senchak who was named Senior of the Year in the Building Construction program!

Inspired by his grandfather who taught him how to build things growing up, Ben plans to be a General Contractor after graduation. He may not have chosen that path if not for his parents encouraging him to explore opportunities at the career center.

“At first I did not want to attend Beattie, but my parents forced me to at least attend the field trip there my freshman year,” Ben said. “Let me tell you it was probably the best thing that has ever happened to me. I became a totally different person once I attended there. When my second year came around I knew I loved it there. I would like to thank my parents for forcing me to attend the field trip, because it's the best thing that has happened to me.”

Some of Ben’s favorite memories stem from meeting and building friendships with students from other school districts.

“What I will miss most about Beattie is the friendships I have encountered throughout my time there,” Ben said. “And I plan on having them last for the rest of my life.”

Ben’s favorite memory was when his class had a “huge” Christmas party and got Mr. Brown Toy Story figures for the occasion.

“What I appreciate about Mr. Brown and Mr. Carlini is the fact that they always pushed me to become the best I could be,” Ben said. “And always telling me that I could do something even if I thought I couldn't.”

Ben was a SkillsUSA competitor and National Technical Honor Society member. Good luck, Ben!

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