38 A.W. Beattie seniors earn PBA certification

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Congratulations to the 38 Carpentry, Building Construction and HVAC students who earned Pennsylvania Builders Association Achievement Certifications!

Students who earn this award must attend a Career and Technical Center program for at least two years and meet high GPA standards in their program.

“I’m proud of every student's dedication to excelling in their trade, and this honor is a reflection of their commitment to enjoying a bright future in their career,” Assistant Principal Thea Holzworth said.

Here’s a list of students who earned the certification:

Braden Brennan, Deer Lakes
Andrew Demchsin, Shaler Area
Austin Gesselman, Deer Lakes
Blake Kucharski, Shaler Area
Austin Kuzmanko, Shaler Area
Rocco Lazzari, Fox Chapel Area
Tyler Puskar, Shaler Area
Tyler Schneider, Deer Lakes
Nickolas Simunovic, Shaler Area

Carpentry and Building Construction
Samuel DeChellis, North Allegheny
Anton Ferruchie, North Allegheny
Benjamin Senchak, North Hills
Shane Warych, Pine-Richland

Alexander Aiman, Shaler Area
Ryan Cameron, North Allegheny
David Cerra, Shaler Area
William Dobransky, Deer Lakes
Adam Ferrone, Fox Chapel Area
Christopher Ferrone, Fox Chapel Area
Daniel Ferrone, Fox Chapel Area
Benjamin Hannan, North Hills
Luke Hemphill, Deer Lakes
Jacob Irwin, Shaler Area
Michael Jabaut, Shaler Area
Colby Keillor, Shaler Area
Jack Kinzler, North Allegheny
Ryan Koprivnikar, Hampton Township
Marcus Krotec, Shaler Area
Hunter Mertz, North Allegheny
Richard Rusek, Deer Lakes
Justin Schnur, North Allegheny
Wesley Smokovich, North Allegheny
Samuel Stayduhar, Shaler Area
Jeffrey Swanson, Pine-Richland
Nicholas Taylor, Shaler Area
Austin Vickers, Shaler Area
Angelo Yacono, Shaler Area
Colby Zmenkowski, Fox Chapel Area

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