Senior of the Year will go to Vet Tech Institute

Megan Hand will go to the Vet Tech Institute

Congrats to Megan Hand!

A Mars Area School District student, Megan was named named A.W. Beattie's Senior of the Year in the Veterinary Sciences program. Instructors Megan Chuckery and Jen Evanitsky said she is exceedingly kind and compassionate toward animals and has a bright future in veterinary medicine.

"Being at Beattie has led me to the path I want to be on, and I will go to the Vet Tech Institute," Megan Hand said. "I’ll have a few steps ahead of everyone else when I start there. I feel like if you want to go into the field of one of the programs at Beattie, it’s definitely an early start in the right direction."

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