Sports Medicine Senior of the Year 'ready for college,' because of A.W. Beattie

Savannah Livingston with instructor Mr. Vtipil.

Congratulations to Northgate School District's Savannah Livingston who is the Senior of the Year in A.W. Beattie's Sports Medicine program.

Savannah (far right) will major in Exercise Sciences at Slippery Rock University.

"It's going to be easier for me to excel in college, because I was in the Sports Medicine program," she said. "A lot of other people probably won't have the anatomy and physiology background. There are things like origins and insertion points that in high school you might get the very basics, but at Beattie you go a lot more in-depth, so you're more ready for college."

Savannah plans to be a Physical Therapist specializing in Athletic Training.

"Savannah has excelled in the difficult aspects of the class such as anatomy, and more importantly has been able to retain most of it from year to year to put it into practice," Sports Medicine instructor Mr. Darren Vtipil said. "Not only that, she has shown a willingness to get involved with activities such as our entry in the Career Pathways competition at state's for SkillsUSA, helping the group earn silver. Most importantly, she has been a mentor for many of the first-year students... I believe she has the intelligence, manual skills, and interpersonal skills to meet her goals, and I look forward to keeping up with her as she moves on."

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