Pastry Arts

Pastry Arts provides students with an opportunity to learn all functions of a commercial bakery while perfecting their creative pastry skills. Students keep the bakery cases, located in the Beattie Dining Room stocked full of cakes, cookies, pies, brownies, breakfast pastries and a variety of specialty breads and rolls. 

Students receive quality training in our fully equipped Pastry Arts lab, learning everything from baked goods preparation to merchandising and dining room service. There are classroom demonstrations from industry professionals throughout the school year. Students also prepare special orders for holidays, weddings and special events during the year.

To learn more about Pastry Arts, watch the video above, see the information below about our instructor and check the tabs to your right to learn about earning industry certifications. See your school counselor to apply.

Career Paths

Pastry Chef, Baker, Bakery Owner, Artisan Baker, Cake Decorator and more.

College Credits

CCAC (9), Pittsburgh Technical College (9/2). Learn more.

Courses of Study

Measurements, Conversions, Sanitation, Food Preparation, Merchandising and more.

Industry Support

Thank you to our Occupational Advisory Committee.
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Mr. Ken Morehead
Mr. Ken Morehead

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