Introduction to Pharmacy

The Introduction to Pharmacy Program will provide twelfth grade students the opportunity to jumpstart their post-secondary training and work towards a career with increased employment opportunities over the next ten years. Students will learn compounding formulas and ratios, laws and regulations, participate in module lab work, practice sterilization skills, and demonstrate proficiency as required by industry standards.

Student instruction includes the PassAssured interactive pharmacy training and test preparation for the Pharmacy Technician certification exam. Students will participate in mock simulations and gain hands on experience within the community. The program is limited to twelfth grade students.

To learn more about Introduction to Pharmacy, watch the video above, see the information below about our instructor and check the tabs to your right to learn about earning industry certifications. See your school counselor to sign up for a tour and apply for the program.

Career Paths

Pharmacy Aide/Technician, Pharmacist, Researcher, Corporate Distribution & more.

College Credits

CCAC (3). Agreements for college credits are under development for this program.

Courses of Study

Infection Control, Pharmacy Law and Ethics, Compound Formulas, Medication Procedures and more.

Industry Support

Thank you to our Occupational Advisory Committee.
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Mrs. Paula Gibson
Mrs. Paula Gibson, CPht, CDA. EMT

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