Introduction to Pharmacy

Last Updated: 7/15/2019 6:06 PM


A.W. Beattie Career Center would like to thank the following volunteers for their contributions to the education of our students as active participants of the Introduction to Pharmacy Occupational Advisory Committee:

  • Marita Ashmore, Rite Aid
  • Bridgette Kennedy, Bidwell Training
  • Emily J. Lohr, Pharm D, Duquesne University
  • Sean Parsons, Bidwell Training
  • Connie Geiger, Bidwell Training
  • Jennifer Groomes, A.W. Beattie Career Center
  • Barbara Schwartz, Bidwell Training
  • Vanessa Dodds, Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board
  • Moriah Yoder
  • Kelsie Hamilton, Rite Aid
  • Jacklinn Morgan, Medicap Pharmacy
  • Jill Lignoski, Parent
  • Julie Lignoski, Student
  • Christine Jordan, Giant Eagle Pharmacy
  • Rachel Richey, Walgreens

Click here for a full listing of every program's Occupational Advisory Committee. 

Pharmacy Pic