Where Are They Now? Hampton Township's Ryan Koprivnikar

ryan koprivnikar

Ryan Koprivnikar has made a rare transition from student to staff member in less than a year. 

At Hampton, he attended A.W. Beattie Career Center for HVAC and has started his career in the same hallways he navigated for 13 years. Koprivnikar works in every district building, including the administrative and stadium facilities. 

His days typically include a run-through of the computer system that controls all HVAC functions in each building and prioritizing tasks like preventative maintenance, responding to requests and inspections.

“Truly, I enjoy everything,” Ryan said. “Ever since I did my co-op from Beattie at Hampton, this was the position I have wanted.  I grew up in Hampton, went to school in Hampton and have a real connection here.  It is great to be able to work close to home and with people who supported me throughout my education.  Everyone is friendly and helpful and it's just a great place to be.  My supervisor actually went to Hampton and Beattie as well, so it is great to follow in his footsteps." 

Ryan said his three years at Beattie prepared him for working in the HVAC field. 

“Beattie is really the reason I was able to get this job,” Ryan said. “First, I learned all the basics of the HVAC industry at Beattie and really got a ton of hands-on experience.  Second, through co-op that Beattie got me at Hampton, I was able to see that this was the type of position that I wanted within the HVAC profession, Finally, the skills I learned at Beattie and the experience of how to be a good employee made it possible for me to prove to them that I was the best person for this job.” 

Ryan first became interested in the HVAC field after attending a Beattie summer camp for HVAC. 

The variety of problem solving in the field appealed to him, particularly because he knew could do something different every day. 

“I like being able to discover why something isn't working and know how to fix it,” Ryan said. “I like that I know how to do things that not only are useful for getting a job, but also things I can use in my own home.” 

Ryan said his plan always was to have a jumpstart in a career out of high school. 

“I spent my high school years learning skills that gave me a career at 19 years old in a full-time job that I love, and because of that I have no debt,” Ryan said. “I also had that chance to meet great friends from all over who have similar interests, which I wouldn't have been able to do if I had only stayed at Hampton. Finally, I learned so much from Mr. Hughes and Mr. Miller who I believe are the two best instructors in the world. I still reach out to them for advice, and they are always there to help.” 

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