Emergency Response Technology

Last Updated: 7/15/2019 5:28 PM


A.W. Beattie Career Center would like to thank the following volunteers for their contributions to the education of our students as active participants of the Emergency Response Technology Occupational Advisory Committee:

  • Jeff Basl, Town of McCandless, Police Department
  • Edward Bloomer, Seville VFC
  • Brian Bradford, North Braddock PD
  • Ruth Bradford, Woodland Hills EMS
  • Bill Cummings, Ross West View EMS
  • Edward Frazier, Pitcairn EMS
  • Steve Imbarlina, Allegheny County Fire Academy
  • Glenn Kopec, Allegheny County Fire Academy
  • Tim Lowry, Pfund Superior Sales
  • David McIntyre, Allegheny County Police Academy
  • Jill Oblak, CCAC-PSI
  • Donald O'Connor, Town of McCandless Police Department
  • Richard Pearson, Advanced Life Support
  • John Rihn, MSA-Safety Appliances
  • Robert Skertich, Hampton VFD
  • Dan Stack, Town of McCandless Fire Marshall
  • Gregory Steinmetz, Shaler Police
  • Jennifer Swab, Ross-West View EMSA
  • Paul Wain, Memorial Park Church
  • Russ Young, Allegheny County Fire Academy
  • Todd Nicholson, Emergency Medical Services Institute
  • Rick Susalla, CCAC
  • Sandy Wight
  • Dalton Wight
  • Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board

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