How A.W. Beattie students raised more than $1,000 for the Cancer Caring Center

Wig Out Donate

A.W. Beattie students raised $1,028 in the last month to benefit the Cancer Caring Center, a local non-profit organization that helps people diagnosed with cancer, their families and friends cope with the emotional impact of cancer.

The Cancer Caring Center hosted a Wig Out event at a Pittsburgh venue that students could not attend, so the career center hosted its own version of a Wig Out and carried out more ideas to raise donations.

"We hope to make this a yearly event and possibly get other CTE’s involved in the future," Cosmetology instructor Mrs. Cazin said.

The efforts were led by Cosmetology students, and money was raised through $3 hair cuts each Tuesday since the beginning of September in the student-run Beattie Salon and a Oct. 10 Wig Out in which students voted with donations for the best teacher wig.

Mrs Bresch's Health and Nursing Sciences classes had a combined 52 inches cut off, the most at A.W. Beattie.

"I know people who have fought cancer, so it was close to my heart," Deer Lakes' Heidi Wolgong said.

"It was for a good cause, and it's great that everyone wanted to be involved," Shaler's Maria Schmidt added. "I don't think there's anyone that didn't participate from our class."

Stephanie Scoletti of the Cancer Caring Center also joined A.W. Beattie students at the career center's Oct. 10 Open House to sell scrunchies for $4 outside of the Cosmetology program's Fall Fashion Show. The next day more than 300 students participated in a $5 per team GooseChase, in which they had to accomplish missions, similar to a scavenger hunt, within a certain time frame.

"It brought people together that you normally don't talk to much, and it was nice getting to know them," Wolfgong said. "It was just fun getting to work together as fast as we could and trying to beat other teams."

Wig Out Teachers

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