2021 Cosmetology Senior of the Year to attend Robert Morris

ashley darrah

Congratulations to North Allegheny School District’s Ashley Darrah who was named the 2021 Senior of the Year in A.W. Beattie’s Cosmetology program!

“I thought it would be good to get my foot in the door for cosmetology with a license and also to earn more money for college by doing hair on the side,” Ashley said. “I thought it would be smart to do now because I have a passion for it.”

One of her favorite experiences was working on her client, Roz.

“The other thing I’ve most enjoyed is working with friends and practicing on each other,” Ashley said. “It’s fun and challenging at the same time. You must know the diseases and disorders for nails and hair. There is a lot more to Cosmetology than curling. You have to understand theory before you do the hands-on part of Cosmetology. And we’re like a family here. It’s really not like you’re in high school. We’re in Cosmetology school, and we’re in a field preparing ourselves for the future.”

Ashley followed in her sister Madison’s footsteps by enrolling in Cosmetology. Her twin sister Morgan is in Culinary Arts.

“It’s fun hearing about the different aspects of Beattie and what you can do,” Ashley said. “Sometimes we’ll all go get breakfast together, so it’s nice to hang out with people outside of my program, too.”

Ashley plans to attend Robert Morris University for Business and may even open a salon someday.

“What’s nice is Madison will be pursuing her master’s at RMU while me and Morgan will be there, so we’ll all be there at the same time,” Ashley said. “That sounds like fun!”

Ashley was in the North Allegheny Marching Band. She also was a member of A.W. Beattie’s National Technical Honor Society and an A.W. Beattie Ambassador.

Good Luck Ashley!

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