Where Are They Now? Hampton Township's Courtney Huber

courtney huber 2

In a span of about three months over the summer, 2020 Hampton Township grad Courtney Huber went through a transformation of sorts.

Once a Cosmetology student at A.W. Beattie, she is now student-teaching in the same program she once learned in.

The only catch is that her learning hasn’t stopped as she pursues a cosmetology instructor certification. 

“My teaching responsibilities are to do some lessons for all three of the classes,” Miss Huber said. “Each day I go to whatever class needs my help, like if they are learning something new or getting graded on something hands-on. The best part of teaching is being able to help the students and see that light bulb click. Also, I love teaching the students things I have learned working in a salon.”

Miss Huber will earn a cosmetology instructor certification in January, and she will continue to work at Bespoke Beauty Bar where she plans to work her way up to be a stylist. Her career goals include owning a salon and becoming an educator for a product line.

She could also see herself potentially returning someday to the Cosmetology program to be an instructor.

“The instructors have been so helpful,” Miss Huber said. “They give me advice on how to teach to all students. They have given me advice on how to write lesson plans. Some valuable lessons I have taken away are knowing that when I teach a lesson, everyone comprehends it differently. One person might not understand something right away and I will need to work with them a little more. So maybe in the future I could see myself as an instructor at Beattie. I will see where life takes me in the industry.”

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