4 seniors return to school early to prepare technology for everyone else

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With countless items on their annual summer to do list, A.W. Beattie’s IT Department once again expanded their team by hiring four rising seniors as paid interns.

The leap from student to intern isn’t too big a jump for Deer Lakes’ Tony Wanamaker, Fox Chapel Area’s Saralynn Hagmaier, Hampton Township’s Jonathan Tabon and Pine-Richland’s Reese Martin.

“There’s a lot we take from Mr. Ricetti’s (Computer Systems Technology, Network Engineering and Cyber Security) program that we apply to here,” Reese said as he set up laptops for ghosting, a process in which the make-up of one computer is updated to certain specifications and then copied to other computers. “For example, I knew a lot of what goes into servers, but I’ve never worked with one, which has been really interesting.”

“There’s also so much we’ve learned from being here this summer, and I couldn’t list everything off,” Tony added. “We’ve also realized how much Mr. Miller and Mr. Gralia do between the two of them and what our careers could be like. It’s made me realize what I’m strong at right now.”

The quartet has worked together to update the career center’s server cluster to ensure if electricity were to go out, the backup power supply would activate and keep the data flowing. They’ve also updated HTML code for the intranet and external website, and they’ve helped implement a new RAPTOR Visitor Management System among a variety of other projects.

“Best job I ever had,” Saralynn said. “It’s been so nice being here compared to any other job. It’s something I’m much more interested in.”

The summer work has reaffirmed their commitment to pursuing a career related to the CST, NET and Cyber Security field.

Saralynn, Tony and Jonathan can envision a future in Cyber Security, though Saralynn could also be a software developer and Tony may explore Network Engineering.

“I’d like to be like Mr. Miller, an IT Administrator,” Reese said.

One thing they all agree on – they’d happily work at A.W. Beattie again.

“If I worked here again, I’d love it,” Tony said. “I’d do it in a heartbeat.”



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